Volume 6(1) 2016
 ISSN 2045-8398 (Print) 
ISSN 2045-8517 (Online 
1. The Efficacy Of The Extant Laws On Nigeria’s Corporate Social Responsibility: An Examination; pp. 1-15 [Author: EKEH, Richards U.]   Download Full Text 
2. Accessibility Of Justice Institutions To Individuals And Groups Under The Legal Framework Of The African Regional Human Rights System: An Economic And Geographical Survey; pp. 16-33 [Author: EZENNIA, Celestine Nchekwube]   Download Full Text 
3. Appraising Human Rights In Nigeria: The Political Economy Approach; pp. 34-42 [Author: Omoleye Benson O.]  Download Full Text 
4. The Role Of The International Criminal Court (Icc) In The Fight Against Impunity; pp. 43-56 [Authors: ALOBO, E. E; ADAMS, John Adoga and, Obaji, S. P ]   Download Full Text 
5. Human Rights Instruments For The Protection Of The Right To Life In Nigeria; pp. 57-79 [Author: AYENI Augustine, M.]   Download Full Text 
6. Assessing The Enforceability And Enforcement Of International Humanitarian Law: Plus Or Minus? pp. 80-98 [Authors:TIJANI, Abdulhakeem Abdulqadir and APERUA-YUSUF, Abdulfatai Esivue]  Download Full Text 
7. An Assessment of The Rights of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra to Self-Determination Under International Law; pp. 99- 110 [Authors:OKONKWO, Theodore and KINGSTON, Kato Gogo]   Download Full Text 
8. The Immateriality of State Affairs in Regionalizing Cyberspace as Individual Liberty and Freedom; pp. 111-121 [Authors: IDONIBOYE-OBU, Sakiemi .A & AKIKIBOFORI, Jacob S] Download Full Text