Volume 2(1) 2012
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)
1.     Islamic Law, Religious Freedom and Human Rights in Nigeria; pp.1-25 [Author: ORAEGBUNAM, Ikenga K. E.] Download Full Text
2.     Balancing the Concept of Fair Hearing and Ex Parte Injunctions Under the Nigerian Legal System: An Imperative; pp. 26-45 [Author: OLONG, Matthew Adefi; AGBONIKA, John Alewo Musa; AGBONIKA, Josephine Aladi AchorDownload Full Text
3.     Crime And Criminal Investigation In Nigeria: A Study Of Police Criminal Investigation In Enugu State; pp. 46-55 [Author: CHINWOKWU, Eke Chijioke]  Download Full Text
4.     Why American Boys Join Street Gangs; pp. 56-68 [Author: TAYLOR, Stanley S.] Download Full Text
5.     Delegated Legislation In India And The Constitutional Standpoint; pp. 69-76 [Author: GUPTA, Sanjay and SASAN, Navdeep Kour]  Download Full Text
6.     Promissory Estoppel: A Diversion From Strict Rigours Of Law; pp, 77-85 [Author: SASAN Navdeep Kour Download Full Text
7.     A New Dawn Of Corporate Criminal Liability Law In The United Kingdom: Lessons For Nigeria; pp. 86-98 [Authors: CHIOMA Eze Emem and AMADI Prince UcheDownload Full Text
8. The Shifting of the Duties of Company Directors under the Companies Act 2006: Superficial or a Significant Change in the Law;  pp. 99-110; [Author: Kingston, K. G] Paper is being updated