Volume 4(1) 2014
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)

1.    The Legality Of The Practice Of Holding Charge Under The Nigerian Criminal Justice System; pp. 1-10 [Authors: OKOJIE, Eric Ayemere and ENAKEMERE, Lucky EhimenDownload Full Text
2.     The Legal Principles and Injustices Of The Doctrine Of Confession: An Analysis Of The Judicial Process In Bangladesh; pp. 11-16 [Authors: HOSEN, Gazi Delwar; PATOARI, Manjur Hossain; and CHOWDHURY, Saifur RahmanDownload Full Text
3.     Old Age, Victimization and Crime; pp. 17-24 [Author: POWELL, Jason L.]  Download Full Text
4.   Financial Investigation And Disclosure As Defence Mechanisms Against Corporate Fraud In Nigeria: Are We There Yet? pp. 25-41 [Authors: MMADU, Rufus Akpofurere and AKOMOLAFE, Rotimi JosephDownload Full Text
5.   The Impact Of Modern Laws On Same Sex Marriage In Nigeria: A Legal History Perspective; pp. 42-60 [Author: BASSEY, Joseph R.]   Download Full Text
6.   Humanitarian Intervention And Responsibility To Protect: The Legal Implications Of The United States-Led Intervention In Iraq; pp.61-70 [Authors: DICKSON, Monday and EZIRIM, Gerald EDownload Full Text
7.   Does Absence Of Informed Consent Constitute A Violation Of Human Rights? Pp. 71-76 [Author: NNADI, Ine] Download Full Text
8.   Actus Reus and Customary Criminal Law In Nigeria: An Appraisal Of Context And Applicability; pp. 77-88 [Authors: IGWE O.W and Enefaa   LongjohnDownload Full Text