Volume 4(3) 2014
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)

1.  Igniting A Culture Of Capitalism: The Influence Of Churches On Entrepreneurial And Economic Development In Sub-Saharan Africa; pp. 1-13 [Author: GROSS,  Raushan]  Download Full Text
2. The Contributions Of Financial Development To Income Levels In Sub-Saharan Africa; pp. 14-27 [Authors: ERBIL, Can; NUNDLALL, Prasandjeet; and, YURTSEVEN, CaglarDownload Full Text
3. The Utility Of Adire: Women Entrepreneurship, Attitude And Marketing Strategies For Competitive Edge; pp. 28-41 [Authors: AREO, Adebowale Biodun and  AREO, Margaret Olugbemisola]  Download Full Text
4.  Globalization, Poverty And The Environment: The Impact Of Contract Farming On Small Pineapple Farmers In Cameroon; pp. 42-59 [Authors: NGASSAM, Sylvain Bertelet; FEULEFACK, Ludovic; and NGAMENI, Joseph PaskyDownload Full Text
5. The Relationship Between Employee Job Satisfaction And Productivity In The Banking Industry: The Case Of Vietnam; pp. 60-82 [Author: TRUONG, Hong NgocDownload Full Text
6. An Investigation Into The Persuasion Of Sales Promotion On Consumers’ Choices In Cameroon; pp. 83-93 [Authors: FANGUE NDJIOZE, Hymette Laure; TSAPI Victor; and DJEUMENE Paul  Download Full Text
7. Educating For Democracy: Implications For National Reconstruction In Nigeria; pp. 94-112 [Authors: NWAOKUGHA,  Douglas .O and KALU, Ngozi  E ]  Download Full Text
8. A Theoretical Model Of The Supply Strategies Of Chain Stores In Cameroon; pp. 113-124 [Authors: KENMOGNE FOHOUO, Alain;  DOUANLA, Jean; and KAMDEM, DavidDownload Full Text
9.  Human Resources Management Problems In Local Government: An Analytical Diagnosis Of The Case Of Nigeria; pp. 125-132 [Author: EKPE, Akpanim N.]  Download Full Text
10. The Determinants And Implications Of Rural-Urban Migration In Nigeria; pp. 133-143 [Author: UDOH, NathanielDownload Full Text
11. Rejuvenating The Self: Modelling The Goffman Theoretical Framework; pp. 144-154 [ Authors: AKIKIBOFORI Jacob Sunday& IDONIBOYE-OBU, Sakiemi] Download Full Text