Volume 5(3) 2015
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)
1.    Recall Of Erring Legislators Under The 1999 Constitution Of Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects; pp. 1-11 [Author: UDOFA, Imo J. Download Full Text
2.    Adjudicating Women’s Customary Law Rights In Nigeria: Has The Tide Finally Turned? pp. 12-25 [Authors: AIGBOVO, O. and Ewere, A.ODownload Full Text
3.    Infringement Of Copyrights Under The Nigerian Copyrights Legislation: A Diagnostic Evaluation; pp. 26-39 [Author: NWOGU, Mary Imelda Obianuju Full Text
4. An Evaluation Of The Controversial Ethiopian Anti-Terrorism Law; pp. 40-59 [Author: DERSOLEGN, Yeneabt MekonenDownload Full Text
5. An Appraisal Of The Offences And Punishments Under The Dishonoured Cheques (Offences) Act In Nigeria; pp. 60-66 [Author: UDOK, UwemDownload Full Text
6. Postponement Of Nigeria's 2015 General Elections: Interface Of Law And Politics; pp. 67- 84 [Author: Oguche, SamuelDownload Full Text
7. Enforcement And Implementation Mechanisms Of The African Human Rights Charter: A Critical Analysis; pp. 85-93 [Author: OMOLEYE, Benson OlukayodeDownload Full Text
8. Police Prosecution At The High Court Not Certain: A Review Of FRN v OSAHON; pp. 94-103 [Author: OZUO, Izunna IsdoreDownload Full Text
9. Legal and Social Analyses of Tax Regime in Nigeria; pp. 104-136 [Author: AGBONIKA, Josephine A. ADownload Full Text
10. An Examination Of Some Aspects Of The Criminal Justice System In Nigeria; pp.137-143 [Author: WIGWE, ChrisDownload Full Text
11. An Exploratory Treatise On Corruption In Nigeria; pp. 144-158 [Author: NNADOZIE, Eric Chi Download Full Text
12The Right Of An Accused To Confront Prosecution Witnesses As General Principle Of Legal Systems Of The World: A Comparative Analysis; pp. 159-168 [Authors: TIJANI, Abdulhakeem Abdulqadir and APERUA-YUSUF, Abdulfatai EsivueDownload Full Text