Volume 3(1) 2013
  ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.   Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes (ESAP) And Multi-Party Politics: A New Threat To African Nationalist Parties In Zambia And Zimbabwe; pp. 1-19 [Authors: MAHUKU, Darlington N. and MBANJE, Bowden. B.C]    Download Full Text
2.   Seigniorage Revenue And Inflation In The Ghanaian Economy; pp. 20-30 [Authors: INSAH Baba and OFORI-BOATENG KennethDownload Full Text
3.   The Nigerian State And Crude Oil Bunkering In Niger Delta: Examining The Environmental Vulnerability; pp. 31-46  [Authors: NWANOLUE, B.O.G; OSEGBUE, Chike; and, IWUOHA, Victor Chidubem]   Download Full Text
4.   Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflict And Ghana’s Democratic Consolidation; pp. 47-55 [Author: MAHAMA, Patrick YinDownload Full Text
5.   Land Acquisition And Livelihoods In Rural Areas Of Morogoro District Of Tanzania: Policy And Practice; pp. 56-62 [Authors: RESPIKIUS, Martin; DISMAS, Mwaseba;and HAULE,Sylvester C.]  Download Full Text
6.   Locality, Parental Socio-Economic Background And Moral Behaviour Among Adolescents In South East Nigeria; pp. 63-69 [Authors: NWANKWO, Barnabas E.;  OBI, Tobias C;  and, KANU, Gabriel CDownload Full Text
7.   The Africa-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement And Regional Integration In West Africa; pp. 70-82 [Authors: ERING, Simon Odey and ODOCK, Christopher  Nchor]  Download Full Text
 8.   Can The Private Sectors Facilitate Economic Growth And The Realisation Of MDG In Developing Countries? Evidence From Nigeria; pp. 83-96 [Author: ONODUGO, Vincent A.]  Download Full Text
9.   A Content Analysis Of Zimbabwean Mission Statements: How Useful Is The Ashridge Mission Model? pp. 97-110 [Authors: MUZONDO, Noel; KASEKE, Nyasha; MANDEBVU, Goldenand  MHIZHA, AlickDownload Full Text
 10.   Relationship Between Trade Liberalization And Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa; PP. 111-120 [Authors: YAHYA, Zakari Abdullahi; DANTAMA, Yusuf Umar; and, ABDULLAHI Mohammed]  Download Full Text
11.   Minority Question In The Nigerian Governmental Process; pp. 121-134 [Authors: LEMUN Nuhu Yatu and ERUNKE, Canice EsideneDownload Full Text
 12.   Interrogating Demo-Security And NATO Intervention In Libya And Cote D Ivoire; pp. 135-144 [Author: DIENYE, Emimeke Henry]  Download Full Text
 13.   Socio-Cultural Determinants Of Maternal Health Care Seeking Behaviour In Seme Side Of Benin Republic; pp. 145-158 [Authors: OWUMI, Bernard and RAJI Sakiru O.] Download Full Text