Volume 2(4) 2012
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)

 1.     Giving Sanctuary: Church-Based Social Capital And Zimbabwean Refugees In South Africa; pp. 1-13; [Authors: AWASU, Charles  and AWASU, Carol]    Download Full Text
 2.     The Implications Of Accounting For Transportation Business In Cross River State; pp. 14-30; [Author: AKABOM-ITA Asuquo]  Download Full Text
3.     The Anathema Of Gay Marriage In Nigeria; pp. 31-43 [Author: IKPANG, Aniedi J.]  Download Full Text
4.     The Management Of Emerging Noise Reduction Techniques In Workplace Environment; pp. 44-52 [Authors: OGBO, Anastasia I.; ADIBE, Timothy Nnaemeka; and CHUKWU, Benjamin Ibe]  Download Full Text
5.     Evaluating The Long-Term Effects Of Air Pollution On Soil Properties In The Vicinity Of The Natural Gas Fertilizers Factory In Bangladesh; pp. 53-59 [Authors: SURESH Raj Giri, KRISHNA PAUDEL, CHOWDHURY Aktarul Islam MD.]  Download Full Text
6.     Population Growth And Environmental Degradation In Uttar Pradesh (India) - A Geographical Analysis; pp. 60-72 [Author: Siddiqui SHAFIQULLAH]  Download Full Text
7.     An Assessment of Community Perception Towards Ownership of Water Projects In Tanzania; pp. 73-81 [Authors: SEWANDO, Ponsian; SHIMBA, Christina; and MNDEME, DianaDownload Full Text
8.     The Challenges In Civil Registration And The Prospects Of Improvement Amongst Peri-Urban Settlers In Harare, Zimbabwe; pp. 82-89 [Authors: MATANGI Evidence S.; MHLANGA, Adwell; and, SIZIBA, Lillian]  Download Full Text
 9.     Political Leadership And National Security In The Nigerian Fourth Republic: A Discourse; pp. 90-96 [Author: OMODIA, S.M.]  Download Full Text
 10. Oil Prices And Exchange Rate Fluctuation In Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis; pp. 97-102 [Authors: JEBBIN Maclean Felix and OSU Angelinah KuruboDownload Full Text
11. Political Communication And Ghana's Democratic Development; pp. 103-113 [Author: MAHAMA, Patrick YinDownload Full Text
12. Does FDI Cause Economic Growth? Evidence From Selected Countries In Africa And Asia; pp. 114-124 [Authors: ABDULLAHI, Yahya Zakari; ALIERO, Haruna Mohammed  and YUSUF, Musa Adamu]  Download Full Text
13. Non-Utilization Of Sexual And Reproductive Health Services And Products In Namibia: An Evaluation Of Men Perspective; pp. 125-138 [Authors: INDONGO Nelagoand NEEMA, Isak]  Download Full Text
14. Reducing Graduate Unemployment Through Entrepreneurship Development: The Nigerian Experience; pp. 139-152 [Authors: CHUKWU, Benjamin Ibe and IGWE, Anthony Aniagbaoso]  Download Full Text
15. An Evaluation Of Poverty Alleviation Programmes Imo State: The Case Of Orsu Local Government Area; pp. 153-172 [Authors: NWANOLUE, B.O.G; IWUOHAVictor Chidubem; and,OBI, Kelechukwu Charles]  Download Full Text
16. The Impacts Of Culture On The Transmission Of Infectious Diseases In Nigeria: The Case Of Awka South, Anambra State; pp. 173-190 [Author: EBISI, Njideka TheresaDownload Full Text
17. Influence Of Household Chumship On Premarital Sexuality Of Secondary School Students In Rivers State, Nigeria; pp. 191-197 [Authors: JAMABO Atubobaralabi and JAMABO Tamunoimama]  Download Full Text