Volume 1(2) 2011
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)
1.  The Relevance of Separation of Powers in a Democratic System of Government: A Comparative Approach; pp. 1-19 [Author: Edeko, S. E]  Download Full Text
2. The Privilege of Freedom of Speech and the Penal Jurisdiction of Parliament Revisited; pp.20-38; [Author: Edeko, S. E]   Download Full Text
3. Crime Trends Among Youth (15-29) In Gujrat, Pakistan; pp. 39-49; [Authors: Muhammad Wajid Tahir, Rubina Kauser, Shanza Tousif, Muhammad Awais Nazir, Arslan Arshad, and Aneeqa Butt]; Download Full Text
4. Judicial Activism And Intervention In The Doctrine Of Political Questions In Nigeria: An Analytical Exposition; pp. 50-69 [Authors: Ibrahim IMAM, A.O. SAMBO, Wahab EGBEWOLE and A.B. ABDULKADIR]   Download Full Text
5.  Human Rights Protection In Nigeria: From Rhetoric To Pragmatic Agenda; pp. 70-81; [Authors: Jacob Abiodun DADA and Mike E. IBANGA]  Download Full Text
6. The Quest For Anthropological Criminology And The Utility Of Traditional Crimes Prevention Methods: The Case Of Aele Symbolism; pp. 82-97; [Author: OKUNOLA, Rashidi Akanji and OJO, Matthias Olufemi Dada]  Download Full Text
7.  A Jurisprudential Review Of The Controversies On The Nature Of Islamic Law; pp. 98-116 [Author: ORAEGBUNAM, Ikenga K. E.]  Download Full Text
8.  The Borderlines Of Rule Of Law, Good Governance And Sustainable Development: A Discourse; pp. 117-134 [Authors: HANAFI, Hammed A.]Download Full Text