Volume 1(3) 2011 
ISSN  2046-6935 (Online)  
ISSN 2046-6927 (Print) 
1.   Would Problem-Based Learning Affect Students’ Generic Competencies? pp. 1 -14   [Authors: Noor Liza, Adnan; Wan Karomiah, Wan Abdullah;and, Yunita, Awang] Download Full Text 
2.   Education and Social Development: The Quality Imperative; pp. 15 -24 [Author: Dienye, Victory. U] Download Full Text 
3.   The Attitudinal Development Of Nigerian Children: The Role Of Social Studies In The 21st Century; pp. 25 -31 [Author: NMOM, O. C] Download Full Text 
4.   The Effects Of Entry Qualifications On Students’ Performance In University Science Courses: The Case Of Bindura University Of Science Education; pp. 32-39 [Authors: Nicholas ZEZEKWA andYoung MUDAVANHU] Download Full Text 
5.   Education For Value Orientation In A Multicultural Society: The Case Of Nigeria; pp. 40-44 [Authors: V. U. DIENYE and MORRISON U. IWELE]  Download Full Text 
6.   An Analytical Evaluation Of The Trend Of Primary School Enrolment In Ebonyi State: The Case Of The Challenges Facing Female Children; pp. 45-52 [Authors: ONYEIKE, Victoria C and OGUJAWA Angela I.]  Download Full Text 
7.   Secondary School Mathematics Teachers’ Utilization Of Pedagogical Knowledge And Their Teaching Effectiveness ; pp. 53-61 [Authors: POPOOLA, Abiodun A. and ODILI, Godwin Alo] Download Full Text 
8.   An Evaluation Of University Students’ Awareness Of Environmental Health Risks And Their Attitudes Towards The Risks; pp. 62-77 [Authors: Beatrice M. O. BARASA; William W. TOILI; and, Samuel S. CHINA] Download Full Text 
9.   Marine Engineering As Future Career In Malaysia; pp. 78-87 [Authors: A.H. Saharuddin, O.O. Sulaiman, A.S.A. Kader, W. B. Wan Nick]  Download Full Text 
10.        Teachers’ Conception Of Indigenous Knowledge In Science Curriculum In The Context Of Mberengwa District, Zimbabwe; pp. 88-102 [Authors: Daimond Dziva, V. Mpofu, L. P. Kusure]  Download Full Text 
11.        The Challenges Of Quality Education And Good Governance In Developing Economy; pp. 103-110; [Author: Amanchukwu, Rose N.] Download Full Text 
12.        The Utility Of Continuous Professional Training And Development Of School Principals: The Case Of Okrika Local Government Area Of Rivers State Of Nigeria; pp. 103-110; [Author: Amanchukwu, Rose N.] Download Full Text 
13.        Education And Utilization Of Contraceptive Methods Among Rural Married Women In Gujrat, Pakistan;   pp. 111-117; [Author: Rehan Ilyas; Mah Rukh; Sharjeela; and Balal Idrees]  Download Full Text 
14.        School Dropout Among Nigerian Children: Some Proactive Strategies And Solutions; pp. 118-124; [Author: Abraham, Nathaniel M.]  Download Full Text