Rapidly growing since 2010
We are the new owners of Century Publications 

We undertake multidisciplinary peer reviewed publication of books and original researches relevant to human rights, environmental sciences, humanities, social sciences, criminology, medical sciences, policy studies, law, education, technology, development and financial studies etc. We publish selected journals, each dealing with the relevant subject-matter. We encourage authors to provide new theoretical and practical concepts supported by new experimental details. Our goal is to share knowledge and expertise and, to encourage both experienced and new academic scholars to publish their works speedily. All manuscripts goes through peer reviews. We encourage scholars to send us book reviews and papers that critically and analytically assess wide range of issues in specific subject areas or in multidisciplinary settings. All manuscripts should disseminate findings, opinions, and recommendations to the relevant audience. The accepted papers are published online within 14 days of final approval by the relevant peer reviewers. Our journals are:

African Journal of Social Sciences (AJSS);
African Journal of Law and Criminology (AJLC);
British Journal of Advanced Academic Research (BJAAR);
Century Journal of Human Rights (CJHR);
African Journal of Education and Technology (AJET).
We acquired all the above listed journals from the previous owners in 2018 with all the rights.