Volume 5(2) 2015
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
 Current Cumulative Impact Factor 45.07
1. Estimating A Monetary Policy Reaction Function In A Developing Country: The Case Of Kenya [Authors: NYANGORO, Owen; MWEGA, Francis M. and GOR, Seth O.Download Full Text
2. The Role Of Entrepreneurship In Reducing Unemployment In Saudi Arabia And Selected Arab Countries; pp. 18-23 [Authors: HOUFI, Mohamed Ali & SAYED, Omar Ahmed]   Full Text
3. Patterns And Characteristics Of Hypertension Pharmacotherapy In Zimbabwe; pp. 24-44 [Authors: MUDZIWEPASI, Petmore; GAVI, Samuel; MISHI, Syden; KHOZA, Star; MATIMBA, Alice; and NHACHI, Charles]  Download Full Text
4. Efficiency As An Institutional Language Of Public Healthcare Performance: Reconciling Contradictory Perspectives; pp. 45-57 [Author: PHIRI, Joseph]   Download Full Text
5. An Empirical Evaluation Of The Characteristics Of The Victims Of Corruption In Public Hospitals In Cameroon: The Case Of Douala Metropolis; pp. 58-76 [Authors: YAMB, Benjamin and BAYEMI, OscarDownload Full Text
6. The Choice Determinants Of The Structures Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprise Financing In Cameroon: Sectorial Analytical Approach; pp. 77-91 [Author: TAKA, Dieudonné]  Full Text
7.  The Implications of Foreign Debts on Nigeria’s Economic Growth; pp. 92-103 [Author: JELILOV Gylych]   Download Full Text
8. A Monologue On The Use Of Condom By University Undergraduates In Port Harcourt; pp. 104-108 [Author: AKIKIBOFORI, Jacob SundayDownload Full Text