Volume 6(2) 2016
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
Cumulative Impact Factor 45.09
1.  Factors Influencing Culture Evolution In Emuhaya Constituency Of Western Kenya; pp. 1-16 [Authors: ANANDA, Fanon T; NGIGI, Moses M; and KURIA, David NDownload Full Text
2. The Perception Of Occupational Risks And Construction Workers’ Background Characteristics; pp. 17-33 [Authors: Chikova, H. N; Kaseke, N and Mapuranga, H.] Download Full Text
3.The Impact Of Alien Cultures On Living Heritage In Anglophone Cameroon: An Expository Of The Bali Nyonga Kingdom; pp. 34-50 [Author: NJINUWO, EricDownload Full Text
4. The Impact Of Interest Rate On Economic Growth Example Of Nigeria; pp. 51-64 [Author: JELILOV, GylychDownload Full Text
5. The Legal Imperatives Of The Removal Of The Chief Executive Officers Of Banks By The Central Bank Governor In Nigeria; pp. 65-77 [Author: NNADOZIE, Eric Chi] Download  Full Text
6. Effect Of Strategic Information Systems Support On Competitive Advantage In Organization In Nigeria; pp. 78-86 [ADEOTI O. Johnson; BALOGUN Sodiq A.; and OLAWALE Yinusa A.] Download Full Text
7. The Practicality Of Fertility Theories Of Human Reproduction In Zimbabwe: An Evaluation Of The Reality From Demographic Data; pp. 87-97 [Author: CHIKOVA HenryDownload Full Text
 8. Technological Environment And Performance Of Manufacturing Firms In Delta State; Pp. 98-109 [Authors: ASOGWA, Ogochukwu Sheila; EZEILO, Florence Ijeoma; and, DIM, Ethel MaryDownload Full Text
9. An Investigation Into The Influence Of Some Demographic Factors On Academic Adjustment Of First Year University Undergraduate Students In Rivers State Of Nigeria; pp. 110-116 [Authors: ERNEST-EHIBUDU, Ijeoma and UKAEGBU, Hanson Manuabuchi]   Download Full Text