Volume 5(2) 2015
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)
1. The Impact Of Domestic And International Instruments On Customary Law Widowhood Practices In Nigeria; pp. 1-33 [Author: AGBONIKA, John A. M.] Full Text
2.    The Legality Of Police Checkpoints In Nigeria; pp. 34-44 [Authors: OBIDIMMA, Emmanuel O.C and OBIDIMMA, Angela E.] Download Full Text
3.    Jurisdiction And Compliance In Recent Decisions Of The International Court Of Justice, pp. 45-74 [Author: OGUNO, Paschal Download Full Text
4. Revocation Of Rights Under The Property Law In Nigeria; pp.75-105 [Author: NELSON, Dorothy] Download Full Text
5.    Law And Morality: An Evaluation Of The Role Of Religion In Criminalization; pp. 106-119 [Author: ALILI, Ngozi Download Full Text
6.  Rape As A Tool Of War: Examining The Culpability Of The State; pp. 120-137 [Author: OBA, Caroline O.]  Download Full Text
7. Terrorism and Its Impact On Taxation And National Development In Nigeria; pp. 138-169 [Author: AGBONIKA, Josephine A. ADowload Full Text  
8. Regulation Of Matrimonial Sexual Wrongs Through Criminal Law Sanctions In Nigeria: Any Lessons From Other Countries? pp. 169-185 [Author: FALADE, Olugbenga DamolaDownload Full Text