Volume 4(1) 2014 
ISSN  2046-6935 (Online)  
ISSN 2046-6927 (Print) 
1. A Discourse On Alternative Sexual Orientation In Schools And Homes In Nigeria; pp. 1-9 [Author: EZEKIEL-HART, JessicaDownload Full Text
2.   Factors Affecting Schools Dropout In Egypt; pp. 10-19 [Author: AMANY, Gad Y.Download Full Text
3. The Effects Of Locus Of Control On Academic Achievement Among Students In Secondary Schools In Rivers State: The Case Study Of Schools In Ogoni Area; pp. 20-30 [Author: MKPAE, Simeon GboneeDownload Full Text
4. Incorporating Conceptual Understanding In The Lesson Plan; pp. 31-38 [Author: AKIKIBOFORI, Jacob Sunday] Download Full Text
5.   Risk, Welfare, Education And Youth; pp. 39-46 [Author: POWELL, Jason L.] Download Full Text
6. Techno-Vocational Skills Acquisition And Poverty Reduction Strategies In Vocational Institutions: The Case Of Rivers State; pp. 47-58 [Authors: IGWE, L.E.B and ORAGWU, Angela A.] Download Full Text
7.  An Assessment Of The Efficacy Of Electronic Communication Devices As Tools Of Instructional Enhancements: The Case Of The Faculty Of    Education, University Of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; pp.59-69 [Authors: NWABUEZE, Akachukwu I; ILOABUCHI, Eucharia N; and ADIEME, FrancaDownload Full Text
8.  Lecturers’ Perceptions On Using Information And Communications Technology In Higher Education Institutions; pp. 70-82 [Author: KIMOGA, JosephDownload Full Text
9. An Evaluation Of The Perception Of Secondary School Students Towards Menstruation In Kenya; pp. 83-96 [Authors: MALUSU, Lucille Ngayila  and ZANI Agnes Philomena Download Full Text
10. Professionalization Of Higher Education: Assessing Teaching And Learning Within The Framework Of The Bmp In The University Of Buea; pp. 97-111  [Authors: ENDELEY Margaret Nalova]   Download Full Text
11. An Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of Conceptual Instructional Method of Teaching Practical Chemistry: The Case Of Secondary Schools In Zaria Educational Zone Of Kaduna State, Nigeria; 112-118 [Author: MUHAMMAD, Binta AsabeDownload Full Text
12. The Causes And Effects Of Youth Restiveness In The Niger Delta Of Nigeria: Implications For Counselling; pp. 119-126 [Authors: Rev. Fr   (Dr.) OBIUNU, Jude J.] Download Full Text
13. Perceptional Evaluation Of The Causes And Effects Of Examination Malpractice Among College Of Education Students In Delta State; pp. 127-135 [Author: OKOH, Evelyn Ebenuwa]  Download Full Text
14.  Providing Education For Active And Massive Participation In Politics In Nigeria; pp. 136-145 [Authors:NWAOKUGHA, Douglas .O and KALU, Ngozi  E.] Download Full Text