VOLUME 1   NUMBER 1 (2012)
ISSN 2050-6023 (ONLINE) 
ISSN 2050-6015 (PRINT) 
Current Cumulative Impact Factor: 28.0 
1.    Institutional Quality And Economic Performance: New Evidence From Sudan; pp. 1-15 [Authors: OSMAN, Rasha Hashim  and MOHAMED, Sufian Eltayeb] Download Full Text 
2.     An Evaluation Of Soil Suitability For Maize Production In Obiaruku Community In Nigeria; pp. 16-27 [Authors: NJAR, G.N; IWARA, A.I; EGBE, M.N; Offiong, R.A.; and, ESSOKA, P. A]   Download Full Text 
3.     Nitrogen Removal From Domestic Waste water Using Constructed Wetland Having Different Water Levels; pp. 28-45 [Authors: TEGEGNE Abraha Tadesse and MENASBO Berhanu] Download Full Text 
4.     Modeling Water Resources Allocation In Anambra-Imo River Basin; pp. 46-56 [Authors: ADIBE, T.N.and OGBO, Ann I.]  Download Full Text 
5.     Entrepreneurship Education In Nigerian Universities: A Panacea For Unemployment In Nigeria; pp. 57-67 [Authors: KAEGON L.E.S. and  NWOGU U. J.]  Download Full Text 
6.     Emotional Labour And Psychological Distress As Predictors Of Work – Family Conflict Among Nurses; pp. 68-81 [Authors: NWANKWO, Barnabas E. ; KANU, Gabriel C.; and OBI, Tobias C.]  Download Full Text 
7.     Indirect Estimation Of Childhood Mortality In Bangladesh; pp. 82-92 [Authors: Md Rafiqul ISLAM; Md Mahfuzar RAHMAN andMd Obaidur RAHMAN] Download Full Text