Volume 4(2) 2014
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.    Childhood Construction And Its Implications For Children’s Participation In Ghana; pp. 1-11 [Author: ADU-GYAMFI, Jones]  Download Full Text
2.    The Matrix Of ‘Trust’, ‘Governmentality’ And ‘Authority’; pp. 12-24 [Author: POWELL, Jason L.] Download Full Text
3.    Challenges And Prospects Of Poverty Alleviation Strategies In Nigeria; pp. 25-38 [Authors: ASAMU, Femi, Festus and Adedoyin Temitope, HelenDownload  Full Text
4.    Repeated Advertisement Effects And Anchoring Effects In Communication Effectiveness; pp. 39-49 [Authors: TRUONG, Hong Ngoc and CHENG-WEN LeeDownload Full Text
5.  Globalization And Corporate Governance Challenges In Nigeria: A Regulatory And Institutional Perspective; pp. 50-64 [Author: OBODO, ChimereDownload Full Text
6.  The Implications Of Skills Acquisition Programmes On Human Capacity Building In Bayelsa State Of Nigeria; pp. 65-74 [Author: SCENT, Grace Atije-Tonye]  Download Full Text
7.   An Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of The Global Counter-Human Trafficking Mechanisms; pp. 75-86 [Author: MATSINKOU, Tenefosso Sydoine ClaireDownload Full Text
8.  The Impacts Of Native Culture On Tourism In Taiwan: A Dynamic Panel Data Analyses; pp. 87-98 [Authors:CHENG-WEN, Lee and CHIN-MEI, ChouDownload Full Text
9. The Implications Of The Feminization Of God Among The Ijaw People Of Nigeria; pp. 99-108 [Authors: UZOBO Endurance; OGBANGA Mina Margeret and JACK Jackson T.C.B  Full Text
10. An Investigation Into The Efficacy Of Corporate Governance And Customer Service Delivery In Nigerian Banks: A Cross Sectional Approach; pp. 109-123 [Authors: JACOB, James; AKINTOLA, Olusola E.; MATO, Kabir; and AREGBESOLA, B. G.] Download Full Text
11. The Significance of Initiation and Conceptualization in Projects Management in Nigeria’s Sustainable Development: An Innovative Approach, pp. 124-134 [Authors: BAGHEBO, Michael and APERE, ThankGod O.]  Download Full Text 
12.     Analytical Perspectives of Education for Sustainable Development; pp. 135-150 [Authors: NWAOKUGHA, Douglas .O and KALU, Ngozi E.Download Full Text