Volume 1(2) 2011
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.   An Investigation Into The Effects Of Cultural Empathy And Social Initiatives On Cultural Intelligence (CQ) In Sanandaj City, Iran; pp.1-10; [Authors: AHMADI, Yaaghob and SHAHMOHAMADI, Anwar];  Download Full Text
2.   The Educational and Social Implications of Sexuality and Sex Education in Nigerian Schools; pp.11- 19; [Author: DIENYE, Victory Uchechukwu];  Download Full Text
3.   Factors Influencing Women Access And Control of Land In Kenya; pp. 20-35; [Authors:  JAGERO, Nelson and ONEGO, Roseline];  Download Full Text
4.   Ensuring Sustainable Development through Effective Housing Delivery Process in Nigeria; pp.36-45; [Author: JIBOYE, Adesoji David]  Download Full Text
5.   Research Methodology Strategies in Strategic Management; pp. 46-72 [Authors: José G. VARGAS-HERNÁNDEZ; Adrián de LEÓN; and Andrés VALDÉZ]  Download Full Text
6.   Narcotic Drug Problems in Murang’a South District of Kenya: A Case Study of Drug Abuse by Students in Secondary Schools, pp. 73-83 [Authors: KYALO, Paul M and MBUGUA Racheal MuthoniDownload Full Text
7.   The Consequences of Rapid Population Growth on Housing in Calabar Metropolis; pp. 84-94; [Authors: EJA, Eja I;INAH, Sylvester A; YARO, Margaret A. A; INYANG, Ita O.] Download Full Text
8.   Federalism and Revenue Allocation in Nigeria: Theory, Practice and Dynamics; pp. 95-109; [Author: IKEJI, Chibueze C.] Download Full Text
9.   International Migration, Consumption And Re-Accumulation Of Family Assets In Pakistan, pp. 110-124; [Authors: Muhammad Wajid TAHIR, Seemab AZAM, Majid Ali TAHIRDownload Full Text
10.  A Chronological Assessment Of Ghana's Forestry Policies In Precolonial And Colonial Era: Lessons For Forest Management In Contemporary Ghana; pp. 125-139; [Author: TEYE, Joseph KofiDownload Full Text
11.  The Sociological And Human Rights Implications Of Ostracism: The Case Of Osu Caste In The Igbo Ethnic Group Of Nigeria; pp. 140-151; [Authors: NWAGBARA, Eucharia Nwabugo; CHUKWU, Christian C.; ANYAOHA Okechukwu; and SCENT, Grace A.T.] Download Full Text