Volume 2(3) 2012
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)

1.    Institutional Isolation, Soil Conservation And Crop Productivity: Evidence From Machakos And Mbeere Districts In Kenya; pp. 1-26 [Author: KABUBO-MARIARA, JaneDownload Full Text
2.    Historical Context Of The Incorporation Of Africa In International Politics; pp. 27-42 [Authors: LEMUN Nuhu Yatu and ERUNKE, Canice Esidene]   Download Full Text
3.    The Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle And Capital Mobility: Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa; pp. 43-52 [Authors: Ken C. SHAWA; Francis MWEGA; Damiano KULUNDUDownload Full Text
4.    A Critical Exploration Of The United Nations Security Council Resolution Number 1973 On Libya In 2011; pp. 53-65 [Author: OKEKE, Vincent Onyekwere Sundayand ANICHE Enerst ToochDownload Full Text
5.    ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement in Goods: An Assessment; pp. 66-84 [Author: RAMPHUL Ohlan]   Download Full Text
6.    What Explains The Low Profitability Of Microfinance Institutions In Africa? pp. 85-115 [Author:MURIU, Peter W.]   Download Full Text
7.    Gender Imbalance In The Leadership Of Local Government Authorities In Tanzania: The Case Of Dodoma Municipality; pp. 116-123 [Authors: KOMBO, Ibun and MINUNGU, Lucy]   Download Full Text
8.    Leadership-Corruption: The Bane Of Nigeria Development; pp. 124-134 [Authors: ANAZODO, Rosemary; OKOYE J.C and EZENWILE, UcheDownload Full Text
9.    A Discourse On The Developmental Effects Of Child Marriage; pp. 134-144 [Author: JAMABO, Tamunoimama]   Download Full Text
10.  A Systematic Look At The Federal Structure Of Pakistan, pp. 145-155 [Authors: Azmat Ali SHAH; Fahmeeda Aslam PERVEZ; and Bibi Hakim ZADI]  Download Full Text
11.  The Impact Of Protestant Religion On Industrial Development In Nigeria: A Study Of Protestants In Calabar; pp. 156-166 [Authors: BASSEY, Antigha Okon; OJUA, Takim Asu; And ERING, S. O.] Download Full Text
12.  Stress Management and Occupational Performance among Female Lecturers in Nigeria; pp. 166-174 [Authors: NNABUIFE, Ezimma; ONYEIZUGBE, Chinedu and ONWKA, Ebele M.] Download Full Text
13.  Land Reform And Natural Resources Management In Guruve District Of Zimbabwe; pp. 175-185 [Authors: BASURE, Hardlife Stephen; TARU, Josiah; and MUTANGI, Gumisai TinotendaDownload Full Text
14.  The Contributions Of Community Participation In The Management Of The Universal Basic Education: A Survey; pp. 186-198 [Author: ASIYAI, Romina IfeomaDownload Full Text
15.  The Politics And Constitutional Challenges Of Creating Local Government Councils In Nigeria; pp. 199-207 [Author: OKAFOR, Jude Chizoba]   Download Full Text