Volume 9(1) 2019
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)

Current Cumulative Impact Factor: 44.3


1.  Promoting Internal Democracy In Political Parties In Nigeria: Looking Beyond Section 87(9) Of The Electoral Act, 2010 (As Amended); pp. 1-16 [Author: Z. AdangorDownload Full Text 

2. Public Perception of Police Performance in Crimes Control In Anambra State of Nigeria; pp. 17-26 [Authors: Onwuama, O. P; Ajah, B. O; Asadu, N; Ebimgbo, S. O; Odii, A & Okpara, K. CDownload Full Text 

3. Ineffective Policing In Kenya: Causes and Alleviation; pp. 27-36 [Author: Omboto, John OnyangoDownload Full Text 

4. Comparative Analysis of the Capacity to Marry In Nigeria, Britain and India; pp. 37- 43 [Authors: ALABI, Austin A. & OTTAH, Isaach O.] Download Full Text 

5. An Appraisal of The Legal Role, Status, and Duties of Company Secretaries In Nigeria; pp. 44-56 [Authors: Udosen Jacob Idem  & Musa-Agboneni Omomen] Download Full Text 

6. The Problems and Prospects of Nigerian Laws on Waste Management in the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities, pp. 57-71 [Authors: Kato Gogo Kingston & Eberechi Ndudi Ake OkereDownload Full Text 

7. Family Planning and the Abortion Rights of Women in Nigeria: An Exploratory Analysis; pp. 72-83 [AuthorMabel IZZIDownload Full Text 

8. Land Use and the Transportation of Oil and Gas in Nigeria: The Legal and Social Challenges of Pipelines; pp. 84-95 [Author: Anugbum OnuohaDownload Full Text

9 Analyses Of The International Framework On Female Genital Mutilation; pp. 96 – 105 [Author: EBEKU, Charity Olunma Kaniye] Download Full Text