VOLUME  5   NUMBER 1 (2016) 
ISSN 2050-6023 (ONLINE) 
ISSN 2050-6015 (PRINT) 
1.    The Effect Of Trade Openness On Economic Growth In Nigeria; pp. 1-10 [Authors: JELILOV, Gylych;SADA, Maryam Musa; and ISIK, Abdurahman]Download Full Text 
2.    The Impact Of Industrialization On Economic Growth: The Nigeria Experience (2000-2013); pp. 11-20 [Authors: JELILOV, Gylych; ENWEREM, Hart Iheoma;  and ISIK, Abdurahman]  Download Full Text 
3. Judicial Idiosyncracies and The Place of Religion In Judicial Law Making; pp. 21-26 [Author: WIGWE, Chris]   Download Full Text 
4. Fertility and Child Mortality: An Evaluative Discourse; pp. 27-37 [Author: OYEDELE, Ovikuomagbe]  Download Full Text 
5. Socio-Economic Implications Of Youth Unemployment In National Development: A Study Of Selected States In The South-East Of Nigeria; pp. 38-58 [Authors: MBAH, Stella I. and IDEMOBI, Ellis I.]Download Full Text 
6. Assessing The United Kingdom’s Anti-Terrorism Strategy And The Human Rights Implications; pp. 59-74 [Authors: TIJANI, A A and EJERE, D. O]  Download Full Text 
7. A Discourse On The Theology Of Health Of Women In Delta State: The Biblical Impact On Breast Self-Examination; pp. 75-93 [Authors: OTTUH, John Arierhi and OTTUH, Evelyn]  Download Full Text 
8. Social Factors And Supportive Classroom Setting As Correlates Of Work Attitude: The Case Of Secondary School Teachers In Nigeria; pp.94-101 [Authors: IRULOH,Betty-Ruth Ngozi andEKURU, Ruby N ] Download Full Text 
9. Child Adoption: A Panacea For A Happy Home Among Childless Couples In Rivers State Of Nigeria; pp. 102-109 [Authors: ERNEST-EHIBUDU, Ijeoma Regina and OBIKOYA, Oluwatoyin Gladys] Download Full Text 
10. Rescuing the Oceans Around Africa From Environmental Ruination Caused By Plastic Pollution: An Appraisal Of The Legal Regime; pp. 103-117 [Author: Okonkwo, Theodore) Download Full Text 
11. Brexit A Consequence Of Combining Constitutionalism, Nationalism And Regional Integration:  A Wakeup Call For The ECOWAS States; pp. 118-126 [Authors: KINGSTON, Kato Gogo and IHUA-MADUENYI, Agent Benjamin]   Download Full Text