Volume 7(1) 2017
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)
1. Beyond Rhetoric: Towards The Implementation Of The Convention On The Elimination Of Discrimination Against Women In Nigeria; pp. 1-25 [Author: OKE-CHINDA, Mercy]   Download Full Text
2. Constitutional Immunity for Public Officers In Nigeria: A Critical And Comparative Analysis, pp. 26-42 [Author: UDOFA, Imo J.] Download Full Text
3. The Efficacy of Contemporary Company Law And Practice In Nigeria:  An Evaluation Of The Liabilities Of Auditors To Third Parties; pp. 43-53 [Author: EKEH, Richards U]   Download Full Text
4. Employment Protection Through The Nigerian Labour Laws: Lessons From The United Kingdom And South Africa; pp. 54-69 [Author: OTUTURU, Gogo GeorgeDownload FullText
5. Utilitarian Value Of Affidavit Evidence Under The Nigerian Judicial Proceedings; pp. 70-85 [Authors: EJERE, D. O and TIJANI, A A]   Download Full Text
6. Is Affidavit Evidence A Sine Qua Non To Every Motion? pp. 86-100 [Authors: ELVIS-IMO, Gina and DERIK-FERDINAND O. I]   Download Full Text
7. Confessional Statements and their Admissibility in Criminal Trial; pp. 101-111 [Author: Jacob Idem UDOSEN]  Download Full Text
8. A Critical Discourse on the Extension of International Legal Personality to Multinational Corporations; pp. 113-123 [Z. ADANGORDownload Full Text