ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1. The Matthew Effect Of Growth In Africa: The Case Of The Rising Inequality In The Midst Of Sustained Growth In Zambia; pp. 1-20 [Author: CHITONGE HormanDownload Full Text 
2. Allegorical Imagery Of Women In Nigerian Painting; pp. 21-32 [Authors: ABODUNRIN, Johnson Adelani and JOSHUA, John Oyedemi]  Download Full Text
3. The Effects Of Variations In The Bank Of Central African States (BEAC) Discount Rates On Inflation; pp. 33-45 [Authors: TCHOUNGA, Anatole and WEMBA TADADJEU, Dessy-Karl]  Download Full Text
4. A Critical Analysis Of The Legal Framework For Control, Management And Winding-Up Of Failing Banks In Nigeria; pp. 46-57 [Author: UDOFA, Imo J.]   Download Full Text
5. The Impact Of Internal Mechanisms Of Governance On Bank Credit Risks: The Cameroon Perspective; pp. 58-72 [Author: TAKA, Dieudonn√©]   Download Full Text
6. Testing The Export-Led Growth Paradigm Through Econometric Methods: Empirical Evidence From Namibia; pp. 73-82 [Author: OGBOKOR, Cyril Ayetuoma]  Download Full Text
7. Corruption In Nigeria: The Functionalist Perspective; pp. 83-88 [Authors: ERING Simon Odey; ABONORLazarus Bassey; and, ABUL Francis Uyang]  Download Full Text 
8. A Social Assessment Of The Goals And Realization Of Higher Education In Nigeria; pp. 89-99 [Authors:JELILOV Gylych and TOPARSLAN, IlyasDownload Full Text