Volume 4(4) 2014
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.  Persistent Youth Unemployment And High Demand For Foreign Workers In Mauritius: Explaining The Paradox; pp. 1-17 [Authors: TANDRAYEN-RAGOOBUR, Verena and KASSEEAH, Harshana]  Download Full Text
2. The Bleaching Syndrome Among African Women (Of Color): A Qualitative Analysis; pp. 18-24 [Author: HALL, Ronald E.] Download full Text
3. An Appraisal Of The Use Of Computer Applications For Social Research In Nigeria: A Critical Approach; pp. 25-39[Authors: ERING, Simon Odey and UKAH, Jonathan Akwagiobe]   Download Full Text
4.  A Study Of Greenhouse Gas Assessment And Supplier Selection; pp. 40-53 [Author: Yi-CHUN, KuoDownload Full Text
5.  Real Economic Empowerment And Poverty Reduction:  A Study Of Agricultural Development Bank In Akwa; pp. 54-62 [Authors: DIM, Ethel Mary .O; NWAKOBY, Nkiru; and AKPUNONU,Uju EvansDownload Full Text
6. An Appraisal Of The Determinants Of Entrepreneurship In Developing Countries: The Case Of The Middle East, North Africa And Selected Gulf Cooperation Council Nations; pp. 63-74 (Authors: SAYED, Omer A and SLIMANE, Sarra Ben)  Download Full Text
7. A Brief Assessment Of Foreign Trade Policies And Economic Development In Nigeria From 1980 – 2010; pp. 75-87 [Author: EBIEFIE, VictorDownload Full Text 
8. The Effects Of Native Culture And Religious Beliefs On Human Infertility And Assisted Reproductive Treatment: A Focus On The Ijebu People Of Nigeria; pp. 88-102 [Authors: ALUKO-AROWOLO, Sunday Olusola and AYODELE Samuel JegedeDownload Full Text
9. Education And The Challenges Of Youth Development In 21st Century Nigeria; pp. 103-117 [Authors: UYANGA, Unwana-Obong D. and NWAOKUGHA, Douglas O.]  Download Full Text