Volume 12(1) 2022
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)


  1. The Effects Of Land Use And Urbanization In Ghana: A Case Study Of The Environmental Sustainability Of Weija Area; pp. 1-18 [Author: Kwabena Awere GYEKYE] Download FullText
  2. Judicial Financial Autonomy and the Inherent Powers of the Executives in Nigeria: Lessons from Australia, Britain and Canada, pp. 19-32 [Authors: Kato Gogo Kingston; Victor Nonso Enebeli, Felix Chukwuemeka Amadi] Download FullText
  3. An Appraisal Of The Legal Frameworks For Combating Women And Girls Trafficking In Nigeria; pp. 33-45 [Author: Charity Olunma Kaniye-Ebeku] Download FullText
  4. An Analysis of The Investment of Women in The Political And Elective Positions In Elections In Cameroon, pp. 46-58 [Author: Josée Melissa NONO SOPPI] Download Full Text
  5. An Empirical Investigation Of The Willingness Of Street Hawkers In Accra To Quit The Trade; pp. 59-74 [Authors: Adusei Jumah; Ernest Somua-Wiafe; Barnabas Apom] Download Full Text
  6. The Dilemma Of The Use Of Veto Powers By The Permanent Members Of The United Nations Security Council: Proposal For Reforms, pp. 75 - 98 [Author: IBANI, Ikuinyi-Owaji] Download Full Text
  7. Revisiting the Obligations of National Governments to Internally Displaced Persons: The Case Of Nigeria; pp. 99 – 115 [Author: OKE-CHINDA. Mercy] Download Full Text
  8. The Role Of Human Resources Management In The Emergence Of Intrapreneurship In Large Companies In Cameroon; pp. 116-124 [Authors: Aboubakar, R & Fouopi, K S B] Download Full Text

  9. Legal Framework for the Protection of the Human Rights of Persons with Albinism In Nigeria; pp. 125 – 142 [Author: OBRAORI N. P. ADIELA] Download Full Text