Volume 13(1) 2023
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)


  1. An Appraisal Of The Corporate Social Responsibility Compliance Among Public Companies In Cameroon; pp. 1-25 [Author: YANDA BELINGA Christian] Download Full Text

  2.  Civil Liabilities In The Regulation Of Securities and Capital Market In Nigeria; pp. 26-56 [Author: URANG, Atauwo Ogotute] Download Full Tex

  3. The Effects of Work-Life Balance Practices on Employees’ Performances In Financial Institutions of Cameroon; pp. 57-78 [Authors: Ngoata Sylvanus Diangha & Jomi Jervis Sambila] Download Full Text

  4. Peace Building and Preventive Diplomacy: A Case Study Of The Oromia National Regional State With Neighboring Regional States Of Ethiopia; pp. 79 – 103 [Author: Megersa Tolera] Download Full Text

  5. An Appraisal Of The Effects Of The Managerial Skills Of Business Executives On The Productivity Of Micro-Enterprises In Cameroon; pp. 104 – 126 [Authors: Ngo Bakéhè Marie Thérèse & Massah Takoukam Léonie & Laurent Ndjanyou] Download Full Text

  6. Simplified Analysis Of The Regulatory Context Of Fiscal Incentives For Gas Investments In Nigeria; pp. 127 – 143 [Author: Etheldred Ego WOHA] Download Full Text

  7.  The Legal Implications of Sovereign Immunity In International Commercial Transactions: Lessons From Trendtex Trading Vs. Bank Of Nigeria; pp. 144-164 [Author: Felix C. AMADI] Download Full Text