Volume 1(3) 2011
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.     An Assessment of the Relevance of Christmas Festivals in the Development of Sustainable Hospitality in Calabar City; pp. 1-9; [Authors: EJA, Eja; OTU, Judith. E; YARO, Margaret-A.A.; INYANG, Ita. O.Download Full Text
2.     Gender Paradigm Shift Within The Family Structure In Kiambu, Kenya; pp. 10-20 [Authors: WAMUE-NGARE, Grace and NJOROGE, Waithera Nancy]   Download Full Text
3.     The Security Implications Of Maritime Piracy In Somalia; pp. 21-46 [Author: Edeko, Sunday E.]    Download Full Text
4.     The Educational Imperatives of National Unity And Nation Building; pp. 47-55 [Authors: DIENYE Victory Uchechukwu and ATITI,Thomas]  Download Full Text
5.     Home Culture Attachment and Access to Social/Cultural Capital: A Case of Iranian English Foreign Language Teachers; pp. 56-65 [Authors: PISHGHADAM, Reza and SADEGHI, Mehrzad]; Download Full Text
6.     The Relevance Of The Concept Of Dialectic Materialism To The Crude Oil Crises In The Niger Delta; pp. 66-73 [Author: NMOM, Ogudia Christopher]    Download Full Text
7.     Perceptions Of Climate Change Among Members Of The House Of Peoples’ Representatives In Ethiopia; pp. 74-91 [Author: YOHANNES Aberra] [This paper has been deleted]
8.     Elections And Letting The Votes Count In Nigeria: Implications For Democratic Stability In An Emerging Third World Society; pp. 92-106 [Authors: AGBOR, Uno Ijim; OKORO, James; ADAMS, John ANYABEDownload Full Text
9.     The Effects Of Parenting Styles On Deviant Behaviours In Andoni Tribe Of Nigeria; pp. 107-117 [Authors: DIENYE, V.U and OYET, N.IDownload Full Text
10. Investigative Analysis Of The Safety Practices In Private Nursery Schools In Port Harcourt Metropolis; pp. 118-130; [Authors: ASODIKE, Juliana D and ABRAHAM, N. M]   Download Full Text
11. An Evaluation Of University Students’ Awareness Of Environmental Health Risks And Their Attitudes Towards The Risks; pp. 131-141; [Authors: Beatrice M. O. BARASA, William W. TOILI, Samuel S. CHINADownload Full Text
12.The Role Of Parents In The Effective Management Of Primary Education In Rivers State; pp. 142-148; [Author: AMANCHUKWU, Rose N.]   Download Full Text
13.The Impact Of The Global Financial Crisis On Southern African States; pp. 149-165; [Authors: MANYERUKE, Charity and MUQAYI, Solomon]  Download Full Text
14. An Analytical Survey At The Theories Of Sociology Of Education, pp. 166-175 [Author: AKIKIBOFORI, Jacob SundayDownload Full Text