AFRICAN JOURNAL OF LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY (AJLC)       Established in the UK in 2010
Volume 13 No. 1  2023
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)      ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)


  1. Access to Reproductive Rights of Persons With Disabilities In Nigeria: A Legal Review; pp. 1-17. [Authors: Obraori Nmabunwa Peters Adiela & Chinuru Achinewhu] Download Full Text

  2. Legislating Legal Language In Nigeria: Panacea Or Placebo; pp. 18-27 [Author: Mercy OKE-CHINDA] Download Full Text

  3. The International Energy Agency and Its Roles In Undermining The Activities Of The Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries; pp. 28 – 45 [Authors: NWAOGAZIE, Innocent Ekezie & IZU – EMMANUEL, Ovieme] Download Full Text

  4.  Community Policing In South Africa: Progress, Problems and Prospects; pp. 46-65 [Author: TYABAZAYO, Phumlani] Download Full Text


  5. A Legal Evaluation of The Impacts of Developmental Projects On Biodiversity Conservation In Nigeria; pp. 66-91 [Authors: ONYENAJUA, Coleman Thompson & OZURU, Glory O.] Download Full Text

  6. The Protection of Women’s Right and Inheritance in Nigeria; pp. 91 – 112 [Author: URANG, Atauwo Ogotute] Download Full Text

  7. Ethics, Lawyers and Prosecution of Economic and Financial Crimes in Nigeria; pp. pp. 113 – 134 [Authors: Dauda Dewan U. & Ibrahim Mohammed & Femi Olorunyomi] Download Full Text

  8. The Legal Framework of Environmental Impact Governance in Nigeria; pp. 135 – 163 [Authors: Victor Nonso Enebeli & David Chibuike Njoku] Download Full Text

  9. The Effects of The Principle of Numerus Clausus On Communal Property Rights In Ikwerre Nationality Of Nigeria; pp. 164-180 [Author: ANUGBUM Onuoha] Download Full Text

  10. COVID-19 Pandemic: Legal Implications on Gender Inequality and Violence Against Women and Girls; pp. 181-193 [Author: AGBO Ifeoma Lynda] Download Full Text

  11. An Evaluation of the Legal Blend of Medical Confidentiality and Freedom of Information in Nigeria; pp. 194 – 209. [Authors: Ibrahim Mohammed; Alaribe Ahunna; Kazeem A. Oyinwola; Adama Usman] Download Full Text

  12. The Legal and Institutional Challenges Undermining Africa’s Economic and Socio-Political Integration In the 21ST Century; pp. 210 – 231 [Authors: Nanyak Dindam Dashe & Nanfwang Christopher Ayuba] Download Full Text

  13. Legal Appraisal of Foreign Direct Investment in the Oil and Gas Industry of Nigeria; pp. 232-253 [Author: F. C. Amadi] Download Full Text

  14. An Evaluative Discourse on The Prospects Of Nigeria Achieving The Net-Zero Carbon Emissions: A Focus On The Climate Change Act, 2021; pp. 254-268 [Authors: Etheldred Ego WOHA & Cleverline T. BROWN] Download Full Text