VOLUME 3   NUMBER 1 (2014) 
ISSN 2050-6023 (ONLINE) 
ISSN 2050-6015 (PRINT) 
Current Cumulative Impact Factor: 28.0 
1.    The Gender, Poverty, And Energy Nexus In Zimbabwe: The Case Of Gweru Urban And Shurugwi Communal And Resettlement Areas; pp. 1-25 [Authors: MATSA, Winniefridah and MATSA, Mark] Download Full Text 
2.    Clinical Evaluation Of Diathesis Stress On Post Battlefield Soldiers; pp. 26-31 [Authors: KINGSTON, Kato G; PATEL, P; and ONWUBUYA, Emmanuel I ] Download Full Text 
3.    An Examination Of Disclosure Philosophy In Company Law: Making A Case For Reform In Nigeria;     pp. 32-66  [Author: MMADU, Rufus Akpofurere] Download Full Text 
4.    Approaches To Organizational Effectiveness And The Success Of Entrepreneurial Organizations In Eastern Nigeria; pp. 67-73 [Authors: AGBIONU, Tina Uchenna; OGADI, Philo Ngozi; and, AGBASI, Obianuju Emmanuela]Download Full Text 
5.    Gender Restrictive Inheritance Culture And Management Succession In South Eastern Nigeria: An Empirical Evaluation; pp. 74-82 [Authors: NWADUKWE, Uche C and COURT, Ogele Timinepere] Download Full Text 
6.    Multidimensional Energy Poverty In Nigeria: A National And Zonal Level Analysis; pp. 83-92 [Authors: APERE, ThankGod O and KARIMO, Tamarauntari Moses] Download Full Text   
7. Political Leadership and Administration of Poverty Alleviation Programmes in Nigeria; pp. 93-103 [Author: UDOH, Nathaniel] Download Full Text 
8. The Effects Of Teamwork On Employees’ Performance: A Study Of Selected Firms In Anambra State, Nigeria; pp. 104-118 [Author: MBAH, Stella Ifeyinwa] Download Full Text