Volume 9(1) 2019
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
 Current Cumulative Impact Factor 46.5
1. The Management Of The Land Conflicts In The Soudano-Sahelan Zone: Solutions For The Case Of The Far North Region Of Cameroon; pp. 1-10 [Author: KANGATLAM AlexisDownload Full Text
2. The Impact Of The Disruption Of Information at the Jordanian Stock Exchange: An Assessment of the Corporate Legal Responsibilities; pp. 11-18 [AL AZZAM, Farouq Ahmad FalehDownload Full Text
3. An Evaluation of Childhood Mortality Among Married Couples as an Indicator of Condition Of Health In Edo State of Nigeria; PP. 19-34 [Authors: AIWORIABOAKUELU, Christopher E & ODIAGBE, O. SimsDownload Full Text
4. Encouraging Adoption Of E-Commerce Among SMEs In Namibia: Issues Of Payment Solutions And Fintech; pp. 35-47 [Authors: MENSAH, Samuel N. A & ABANKWAH, Christine-RitaDownload Full Text
5. An Appraisal of Maslow’s Model for Achieving Motivational Efficiency; pp. 48-56 [Authors: DOUANLA Jean& NOHOTIO Kenne jean MathurinDownload Full Text
6. Determinants of Consumer Resistance to Advertisement within the Cameroonian Context; pp. 57-69 [Authors: ADAMOU HADJI, Mohamadou; DOUANLA, Jean & FANGUE NDJIOZE Hymette LaureDownload Full Text
7. A Study Of Job Satisfaction Among Medical Workers In Tertiary Health Institutions In Edo State (A Case Of Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital Irrua); pp. 70-81 [Author: OBOH Isaac OmojiadeDownload Full Text
8. An Appraisal of the Governance Mechanisms and Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions in Cameroon; pp. 82-95 [Authors: NGUENBU Telesphore; NZONGANG Joseph; TAYONG Desmond MimbaDownload Full Text
9. Money Market Operations and Liquidity of Deposit Money Banks in an Emerging Economy: Empirical Evidence From Nigeria; pp. 96-107 [Author: Duruechi, Anthony H.] Download Full Text
10. The Role Of Organizational Changes: Appraising The Effects On Employees In Cameroon; pp. 108- 122 [Authors: TAJEUMI Josie Diana; DOUANLA Jean Christian; & BIWOLE FOUDA Jean] Download Full Text
11. Electronic Marketing and the Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria, pp. 123-130 [Author: OJIEGBE, Josephine N.] Download Full Text
12. An Appraisal Of The Determinants Of Financial And Operationnal Sustainability Of Microfinance Institution In Cameroon; pp. 131-146 [Authors: KEMDONG, Tenekeu Nicodème  & NZONGANG, JosephDownload Full Text