Volume 6(1) 2016
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.  An Assessment of The Impact of Crude Oil Prices on Nigeria’s Economic Growth (1980-2013); pp. 1-14 [Authors: UDOFFIA, David Thompson and AJAEGBU, Chinweoke AugustineFull Text
 2.  The Nexus Among Foreign Direct Investment, Private Investment And Public Investment: Evidence From Nigeria; pp. 15-24 [Authors: WAKDOK, Samuel Stephenand JELILOV, Gylych]   Download Full Text
3. Challenges Faced By Prison Officers In Rehabilitating Inmates In The Nsawam Medium Security Prison; pp. 25-35 [Author: BAFFOUR, Frank DarkwaDownload Full Text
4. Dynamic Approach To Income-Environment Relationship: A Study Of Nigeria; pp. 36-51 [Author: AYADI, Folorunso Sunday] Download Full Text
5. The Efficacy Of Computer-Aided Teaching In Colleges Of Education In Nigeria: The Case Of Electrical Circuits And Electrical Measuring Instruments Courses; pp. 52-62 [Authors: YAKUBU, Samaila and EZUGU, L.C] Download Full Text 
6. Recent Issues Of Foreign Direct Investment In Turkey (2000 - 2015); pp. 63-68 [Author: JELILOV, Gylych]  Download Full Text
7. Does Foreign Direct Investment Crowd-Out Or Crowd-In Domestic Investment? Evidence From Sub Saharan Africa; pp. 69-77 [Author: IHEONU, Chimere Okechukwu]   Download Full Text
8. The Political Economy Of Peace Building In Africa Beyond Conventional Security Strategy; pp. 78-90 [Author: TEDHEKE, Moses Eromedoghene Ukpenumenu]   Download Full Text
9. Cooperative Societies and Capital Formation Among Small-Scale Business In Odukpani Cross River State Of Nigeria; pp. 91-97 [Author: EBONG, Edem]   Download Full Text

10. An Empirical Investigation Of The Research Culture Of Nigerian Universities: A Case Study Of University Of Calabar In Nigeria; pp.  98-104 [Author: ODU, Emmanuel]   Download Full Text

11. Large Family Size And Its Consequential Effects On Sustainable Development In Esan Central Senatorial District Of Edo State; pp. 105-113 [Authors: AIWORIABOAKUELU, C; OBETOH, G. I; and OBOH, I. O]  Download Full text
12. Public Health Expenditure And Economic Growth In Nigeria: What Causes What? pp. 114-122 [Authors:AKEKERE Jonah  and KARIMO Tari Moses]   Download FullText
13. Caretaker Committee System: A Violation Of Constitutional And Democratic Principles In Nigeria’s Local Government Administration; pp. 123-129 [Author: ODO, OBIORA S.]    Full Text