VOLUME 3(4) 2013
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.   A Diagnostic Evaluation Of Ghana Fourth Republic Democracy: Is The United States’ Support A Burden? pp. 1-22 [Author: OWUSU-MENSAH, IsaacDownload Full Text
2.   Religious Beliefs And The Utilization Of Traditional Medicine Among Members Of Pentecostal Churches In Emurin, Ogun State Nigeria; pp. 23-34 [Authors: OWUMI, Bernard; RAJI Sakiru O. and ALIYU Taofeek KolawoleDownload Full Text
3.   Diversity In Board Ethnicity And Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation Of Selected Quoted Firms In Nigeria; pp. 35-45 [Authors: OMOYE, Sule Alade and ERIKI, P. O.] Download Full Text
4.   The Predicament Of Rural Urban Migration In Ghana: The Case Of The Visible, But Voiceless Kayayei Girls; pp. 46-61 [Authors: BOATENG, Aliceand KORANG-OKRAH, Rose]   Download Full Text
5.   Urban Markets As A Source Of Employment Generation In Benin City; pp. 62-78 [Authors: OGEAH F.N and OMOFONMWAN, S. I.Download Full Text
6.   The Economic Utility Of Beads Culture Of The Samburu Tribe Of Kenya; pp. 79-84 [Authors: NYAMBURA, Ruth; WAWERU, Peter; MATHEKA, Reuben; and NYAMACHE, TomDownload Full Text 
7.   An Assessment Of The Role Of The Perceived Usefulness In The Adoption Of Management Accounting Practices; pp. 85-96 [Authors: WANG, David Han-Min  and HUYNH, Quang Linh]  Download Full Text
8.   Site Selection And Modes Of Erection Of Outdoor Sculpture In Southwestern Nigeria; pp. 97-111 [Author: AKINTONDE, Moses AkintundeDownload Full Text
9.   An Empirical Analysis Of Forensic Accounting And Financial Fraud In Nigeria; pp. 112-121 [Authors: EMEH, Yadirichukwu and OBI, Joseph OgochukwuDownload Full text
10.  An Investigation Into The Entrepreneurial Behaviours And Human Capital Formation Among Small Scale Farmers In Kenya; pp. 122-135 [Authors: NTALE, Joseph F  and LITONDO, Kate ODownload Full Text
11.  Determinants Of Information Asymmetry In Financing Decision: A Theoretical Approach; pp. 136-152 [Authors: MODUGU, Kennedy Prince; OKOYE, Francis Arinze; and, EYIDE, Michael U]  Download Full Text
12.  The Use Of Mass Media On Employees’ Productivity And For Sustainable Development; pp. 153-162[Authors: ODAMAN, Odion M. and IREDIA, Augustine I.]  Download Full Text 
13. Late Culture Of Corporate Financial Reporting In Nigeria; pp. 163-170 [Authors: OLADIPUPO, A.O. and ILABOYA, O.J.Download Full Text
14.  The Significance Of Public Private Partnership Units In The Development Projects Of Turkey; pp. 171-181 [Author:AYDIN, Eyup VuralDownload Full Text
15.  Trade Credit Terms In A Bank-Dominated Financial Environment: The Case Of A Sub-Saharan African Economy; pp. 182-199 [Authors: OMENGUELE, René Guy and MAZRA, MathDownload Full Text
16.  An Assessment Of The Diplomatic Relations Between Nigeria And The United States Of America In The Fourth Republic; pp. 200-213 [Author: DICKSON, Monday E.Download Full Text
17.  The Sojadumota Phenomenon In The Public Sculpture: An Element Of Military Imperialism In Nigeria; pp. 214-229 [Authors: AKINTONDE, Moses Akintunde and OLADUGBAGBE, Francis E. A.Download Full Text
18.   Patriarchy: An Explanation Of Gender Gap In Adolescent Delinquency; pp. 230-247 [Author:AKIKIBOFORI, Jacob SundayDownload Full Text
19.    Rethinking Local Government Administration In Nigeria, pp. 248-257 [Author: AWORTU, Beatrice E.]  Download Full Text