Volume 6(1) 2016
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)

1.  Fundamental Review Of The Criminal Justice System In Nigeria; pp. 1-11 [
Author: WIGWE, ChrisDownload Full Text
2.  A Synoptic Appraisal Of The Practice And Procedure For Plea Bargaining Under The Administration Of Criminal Justice Act 2015; pp. 12-24 [Author: IDHIARHI, Samuel E.Download Full Text
3.   Communication Mast And The Legal Framework For Planning Control In Nigeria: Problems And Prospects; pp. 25-36 [Author: ONUOHA, R.ADownload Full Text
4. Restriction Of Testamentary Powers In Making Wills In Nigeria: The Justification; pp. 37-51 [Author: EKEH, Richards U.]   Download Full Text
5. The Law And The Scourge Of Rape In Nigeria; pp. 52-62 [Author: AGBONIKA, John A. M]  Download Full Text
6. Salvaging The Nigerian Woman From Repugnant Widowhood And Inheritance Practices: A Matter Of Exigent Apprehension; pp. 62-74 [Authors: ALOBO, E. E. and  OBAJI, S. PDownload Full Text
7. The Death Penalty Debate In Nigeria; pp. 75-85 [Author: AYENI Augustine, M]  Download Full Text
8. The Practicality Of The Provisions Of Electoral Laws In Nigeria: Lessons From BUHARI V. INEC (2008); pp. 86-96 [Author: ALILI, NgoziDownload Full Text
9. Examining The Right Of An Accused To Confront Prosecution Witnesses Under International Criminal Law: Comparative Analysis; pp. 97-119 [Authors: TIJANI, Abdulhakeem Abdulqadir and APERUA-YUSUF, Abdulfatai Esivue Download Full Text
10. Jurisprudential Problems Hampering The Implementation Of Nigeria’s Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure Rules120-131 [Author: TARHULE, Vitalis Vearumun Download Full Text
11. Revisiting The Question Of Double-Deck Marriage In Nigeria; pp. 132-146 [Authors: ELVIS-IMO I. Gina and OKONKWO, TheodoreDownload Full Text
12. The Nigerian Land Use Act: A Curse Or A Blessing To The Anglican Church And The Ikwerre Ethnic People Of Rivers State; pp. 147-158 [Authors: KINGSTON, Kato Gogo and OKE-CHINDA, MercyDownload Full Text