African Journals of Social Sciences
Volume 7(1) 2017
 ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)
 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)
1.    The Origin Of Omutibo Guitar Music Of The  Abaluhya Of Kakamega District Of Kenya, pp. 1-9 [Author: KUSIENYA, Fred Wekesa]   Download Full Text
2.   The Effects Of Gender And Age On Palliative Care Of HIV/AIDS Patients In The University Of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital; pp. 10–17 [Authors: IRULOH,Betty-Ruth;ERNEST-EHIBUDU, Ijeoma;and CHIDI-NWANKWO,Nancy Ipirinye] Download Full Text
3.   An Investigation Into The Academic Self-Efficacy, Coping Strategies And Academic Achievement Of Secondary School Students In Rivers State; pp. 18 – 24 [Authors: IRULOH, Betty-Ruth Ngozi and UKAEGBU, Hanson Manuabuchi] Download Full Text
 4. Substitution Effect Versus Income Effect In Slutsky Equation And Orientation Of Food Demand Improvement Policies; pp. 25-32 [Author: BELEK, AlimDownload Full Text
5. Learning Through Consumption And Shopping As Site Of Adult Learning: Evidence From Shoppers In Urban Indigenous Communities; pp. 33-39 [Author: PATRICK, JohnDownload Full Text
6. Is Sustainability Of Indigenous Livelihood Skills Of The Obolo (Andoni) Women Of The Niger Delta Possible? pp. 40-45 [Author: IJAH, Christiana Ntente]   THIS PAPER IS BEING UPDATED
7. Vote Buying And Deficit Of Democratic Values In Nigeria: Interrogating The Gubernatorial Elections In Ekiti And Osun States; pp. 40-50 [Authors: OLUWALEYE, Janet Monisola and OMILUSI, Mike Opeyemi]  Download Full Text
 8. The Role Of Microfinance Institutions In The Creation And Development Of Small And Medium Sized Businesses In Cameroon; pp. 51-67 [Author: BITA, Charles Alain and DJAOWE, JosephDownload Full Text
9. The Effect Of Some Selected Form Of Taxes On The Gross Domestic Product Of Nigeria; pp. 68-78 [Authors: OKEZIE, Amachukwu Chibuzor; MARCUS, Samuel Nnamdi; and, MAMIDU, Aruna Ishola]    Download Full Text    
10. Irredentism and Iraq's Territorial Claim to Kuwait After the Cold War; pp. 79-87 [Authors: Monday E. Dickson]  Download Full Text 
11. Political Budget Cycles and Intergovernmental Transfers in Uganda; pp. 88-99 [Authors: LAKUMA, Corti Pauland MUNYAMBONERA, Ezra Francis]   Download Full Text
12. An Investigation Into The Environmental Impacts Of Farm-Commodities Markets In Cameroon : The Case Of Douala ; pp. 100-117 [Authors: MAKEMBE, Henri Ndame; NJOCKE, Martin and NJOCKE, Gabriel]   Download Full Text
13. Imperative Of Managing African Security At The Global Level; pp. 118 – 126 [Authors: AISEDION, Rufus and  ABDULKADRI, Mohammed Abubakar]  Download Full Text
14. Economic Theories And Health Policy Implications Of Fertility: Lessons For The Developing Countries; pp. 127 – 133 [Author: OYEDELE, Ovikuomagbe]  Download Full Text
15. An Exploratory Analysis Of Resistance Behaviors To Vaccines In Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case Of Cameroon; pp. 134 – 144 [Author: NGA Nkouma  Tsanga  Rosalie Christaiane]  Download Full Text     
16. The Legal Framework of Arbitration in Foreign Investment Contracts and Its Autonomy; pp. 145-157 [Authors: AL SHUNNAG, Mueen Fandi  Nhar & AL AZZAM,Farouq  Ahmad  FalehDownload Full Text 
17. Arising out of Understanding Mores to Assumed Assumptions: Surveying the Prominence of Talcott Parsons’ Theory on Contemporary Sociology; pp. 158 – 170 [Authors: Akikibofori, Jacob S& Idoniboye-Obu Sakiemi Download Full Text