Volume 1(2) 2011 
ISSN  2046-6935 (Online)  
ISSN 2046-6927 (Print)
1.        The Impacts of Electronic Learning Techniques on Staff Performance in Sudanese Universities in Khartoum State; pp. 1 -7; [Author: ALHASSAN, Esam Idris Kamtor]   Download Full Text   
2.        The Impact of Child Abuse on Academic Performance of Youths in Calabar-South Local Government Area; pp. 8 - 13; [Authors:   OTU, Judith E;USHIE, M.A; DAVID, E.O; IFERE, Akase Blossom E.]   Download Full Text 
3.        An Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Bereavement Counselling in Secondary Schools in Mumias District of Kenya; pp. 14-30; [Author: KYALO, Paul M. and ANDANJE, Margret]  Download Full Text 
4.        Teacher Education And The Challenges Of The Twenty-First; pp. 31-37; [Authors: NWAOKUGHA, Douglas O. and UNWANA-OBONG, Uyanga D.]Download Full Text 
5.        Sustaining Democracy In Nigeria Through Pedagogical And Curricular Innovations In Political Education; pp. 38-44; [Authors: DIENYE, Victory Uchechukwu and NWAOKUGHA, Douglas O.] Download Full Text 
6.        The Factors Affecting the Students’ Performance: A Case Study of Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan; pp. 45-51 [Authors: Muhammad DANIYAL; Tahir NAWAZ; Muhammad ALEEM; Ali HASSAN]Download Full Text 
7.        A Cross-Linguistic Study Of Persuasive Strategies Used In Persian And English Languages; pp. 52-60; Download Full Text 
8.        Stakeholder's Assessment of the Interpersonal Competency Needs of the Construction industry in Nigeria: Need for Expanded Curriculum; pp. 61-67; [Author: EDU, David O.]  Download Full Text  
9.        An Analytical Model of Psycho-Social Variables As Determinants of Cheating Tendency of Secondary School Students; pp. 68-75;  [Authors:  IDAKA, I. E; IDIKA, D.O; and EGBONA, A. E]  Download Full Text 
10.     The Role of Education in the Rebranding of Nigeria’s International Image; pp. 76-83; [Authors: DIENYE V.U. and Morrison, I. U] Download Full Text 
11.     Elechi Amadi’s “The Concubine”: Ethnomathematics Resource for Teaching Mathematics In Ikwerre Primary Schools; pp. 84-92; [Authors: Godwin Alo ODILI and Nchelem R OKPOBIRI] Download Full Text 
12.     Application Of The Principles Of Natural Justice To Issues In University Governance; pp. 93-111 [Author: EDEKO, Sunday E.] Download Full Text 
13.     The Effects Of The Attitudes Of Higher Level Education Teachers Towards Teaching In India; pp. 112-124; [Authors: GUPTA S.L; PRASAD Digamber; and, RAMACHANDARAN Anandhi] Download Full Text 
14.     Prevailing Against The Odds Of Dropping Out Of Schools In Ghana; pp. 125-142; [Authors: Cynthia Akorfa SOTTIE, and Charles AWASU]  Download Full Text 
15.     Evaluation Of The European Union Micro Projects In Nigeria: The Case Of Educational Improvement In Cross River State, pp. 143-157; [Authors:  AGBOR, Uno Ijim; PETTERS, Janet S.; and OKON, Maureen Okang]  Download Full Text