Volume 5(1) 2015
ISSN 2045-8401 (Print)
ISSN 2045-8525 (Online)

1.    Admissibility Of Evidence Presented By Children In Sex Abuse Prosecutions In Uganda: The Case For Reforms; pp. 1-15 [Author: LUBAALE, E. C Download Full Text
2.    Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt And The Practice Of Customary Criminal Law In Nigeria: A Legal Appraisal; pp. 16-29 [Author: IGWE O.W]  Download Full Text
3.    The Role Of Nigeria In The Growth Of The Laws Of International Organizations; pp. 30-46 [Author: BASSEY, J. R.]  Download Full Text
4.    Hacking: The New Face Of Cybercrime In Nigeria; pp. 47-58 [Authors: IFEANYI-AJUFO, N. and OBALUM, D. C.]   Download Full Text
5.    Prohibitionism Or Liberalism? A Lesson From Uruquay’s Legalization Of Cannabis Sativa To Nigeria On The Best Method Of Curbing Crimes; pp. 59-65 [Authors: ESEYIN, Mojisola and USUNGURUA, Edidiong Download Full Text
6.    An Appraisal Of The Legal Framework For Combating Drug Trafficking In Nigeria; pp. 66-93 [Author: AGBONIKA, John A. M.]   Download Full Text
7. Fallacy Of The Criminal Law Doctrine Of “Last Seen”: A Look At Legal Causation In Homicide Cases In Nigeria; pp. 94-103 [Author: ALILI, Ngozi  Download Full Text
8. The Constitutionality Of Death Penalty In Nigeria; pp. 104-114 [AYENI Augustine, M.] Download Full Text