Volume 3(3) 2013

ISSN 2045-8460 (ONLINE)

 ISSN 2045-8452 (PRINT)


 1.The Impacts Of Instrumented Social Capital On Poverty Status In Rural Kenya; pp. 1-17 [Author: KIRORI, Gabriel NDownload Full Text

2.  The Implications Of The Accounting Data Management On The Exercise Of Loans Discretion By Banks In Cameroon: The Case Of Small And Medium Size Enterprises; pp. 18-28 [Authors: TAKOUDJOU, NIMPA Alain; DJOUTSA WAMBA, Léopold; and, SIMO KAMGAING, Boniface]  Download Full Text

3.  Imperialism And Global Science: Implications For Public Health Delivery And Food Production In Africa; pp. 29-39 [Author: IRIKANA, Godspower JacobDownload Full Text

4.  An Evaluation Of The Impacts Of The National Health Insurance Scheme On The Employees’ Health Status At The University Of Ibadan; pp. 40-52 [Authors: OWUMI, Bernard. E; OMOROGBE, Christie E; and, RAPHAEL, Sunday CDownload Full Text

5.  An Overview Of The New Pension Scheme And Teachers’ Level Of Awareness In Delta State of Nigeria: Counselling Implications; pp. 53-63 [Author: OMONI, Grace E.] Download Full Text

6. An Assessment Of The Determinants Of Financial Crises In Emerging Market Economies; pp. 64-72 [Author: ÖZHAN TuncayDownload Full Text

7.    Legal And Institutional Framework Governing Electoral Management In Rwanda: A Discourse; pp. 73-86 [Author: ONGWEN, Patrick Alfred Waluchio]  Download Full Text 

8.    Public Expenditures Shocks In A Real Business Cycle Model: Implications For The Economy Of Tunisia; pp. 87-117 [Authors: LAHOUEL, Mohamed Hédi; BEN SLIMANE, Sarra; and, BEN TAHAR, MoezDownload Full Text

9.    An Evaluation Of The Implications Of Earnings Management Determinants In The Banking Industry: The Case Of Nigeria; pp. 118-129 [Authors: DABOR, Eyesan Leslie and IBADIN, Peter OkoegualeDownload Full Text

10.    Discovering The Depths Of The 2001 Crisis In Turkey: What Really Underlies It? pp.130-139 [Authors: KARAHAN, HaticeDownload Full Text

11.    Nigeria Foreign Policy And Reputational Projects: An Evaluation Of The Implications And Prospects; pp. 140-159 [Authors: MOGULUWA, Shed Chinwuba and ACHOR, Princewell N.] Download Full Text

12.     Women In Entrepreneurship As A Means To Sustainable Livelihood In Ghana: A Study Of The Upper West Region; pp. 160-171 [Authors: MUMUNI I. Aliata; INSAH Baba; BOWAN A. PatrickDownload Full Text

13. The Challenges And Coping Strategies Of Women Of Emigrant Spouses In Benin-City Of Nigeria; pp. 172-185 [Author: DOKPESI, Augustine OkhoboDownload Full Text

14.    Evaluation Of Human Capital Development In Delta State; pp. 186-192 [Author: OSADEBE, P. UDownload Full Text