ISSN  2046-6935 (Online)
ISSN 2046-6927 (Print) 
Volume 4(2) 2014 
1.   An Assessment Of The Effective Adoption Of Electronic Learning Technology In Selected African Countries; pp. 1-12 [Author: ODINE, Maurice] Download Full Text 
2. The Challenges of HIV/AIDS Education: The Case of Kenya; pp. 13-23 [Author: ESQUIVEL, Camila LeMaster]  Download Full Text 
3. Entrepreneurship Education: A Panacea For Youth Empowerment In Nigeria; pp. 24-34 [Authors: EWELUM, Johnson Nnadi; MADU, Catherine Omeriyang; and, OGADI, Philomina Ngozi]  Download Full Text 
4. The Efficacy Of Modern Teaching Methods Of Arabic Language Course In Secondary Schools In Sudan: A Focus On The Assure Model; pp. 35-43 [Author: Esam Edris Kamtor Al Hassan]Download Full Text 
5. The Influence of HIV and AIDS Psychosocial Stressors Prevalence: Implication on Girl-Child Education in Kenya; pp. 44-54 [Authors: MBUTITIA Francisca N;   ADELI Scholastic M.;   CHESIRE Irene J]    Download Full Text 
6.  The Needs For Public And Private Collaboration In Promoting Educational Innovations For Sustainable Development: The Case Of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions; pp. 55-61 [Authors: ODIGWE, Franca N.and  ELUWA, Idowu O.]    Download Full Text 
7.  An Appraisal Of The Perception Of The Continuous Assessment Practice Among Primary School Teachers In Ogun State; pp.62-67 [Author: ADETAYO, Janet Oyebola]   Download Full Text